Cast of Characters

PaperCuts has a cast of 10 recurring characters, but isn't restricted by a continuing storyline. Characters are never called by name. That allows you to imagine yourself and your co-workers in the characters' shoes.

The big boss is HARVEY DINKLE, President of ABC Company. Mr. Dinkle is your basic tyrant - the kind of boss you love to hate. Ever work for someone like that? I have. Over the years, I tucked away countless notes from bosses like Mr. Dinkle then rolled them into this one big jerk.


PAULA PERKINS is Vice President of Personnel. Paula resents the business world being dominated by men. She's a fence-straddler; she avoids taking risks and making commitments. I haven't worked with anyone like Paula; you may have. I have to work a little harder to create cartoons for her.


TODD TUCKER is Vice President of Finance. An Ivy League MBA graduate, Todd is analytical and book-smart, but lacks compassion and common sense.  I've worked with plenty of these guys. Writing for Todd comes easily to me. It's all about the $$$$$$$$.


Sales Manager DICK DECKER is a constant target for Mr. Dinkle's criticisms and abuse. Dick has irresistible puppy-dog charm and is somehow able to maintain his composure in this zany office. Hopefully, you've never been on the receiving end of criticism like Dick. If you have... quit!


The most frequent recipient of Todd's mismanagement is Controller NORM PARKER, an elderly, illogical gent who's crusty and colorful, kindly and absentminded. Norm either misunderstands Todd's directives or intentionally shows a lack of respect for his pompous boss (who's half his age).


The Office Manager is MARY WANKER. Mary's major concern is morale; she wants everyone to be happy, even if it means that no work gets done. She always has a kind word and a smile, and she can put a positive spin on even the most disastrous situation. Mary drives me nuts! I've worked with people like Mary; they throw a birthday party every day. Please don't be a Mary. "Work" is also a verb. Do something!


Mr. Dinkle has many adversaries; a constant thorn-in-his-side is his Secretary, DEBBIE STANKWELL. Debbie has minimal secretarial skills. She's more concerned about her next manicure than she is with Mr. Dinkle's urgent typing. She's shallow, irresponsible and scatterbrained.



 PAT PORTER-KIMBALL is Todd's Administrative Assistant. Pat is determined to break through the glass ceiling and prove to all businesswomen that they can make it to the top. She has her hands full trying to balance her career, her husband and two children.


The Receptionist is BETTY BUTTWALLER. Betty is small, but has a mean bark. For the most part, she's just putting in her time, watching the clock, hoping the phone doesn't ring. Betty will tell you where to go and how to get there. Many companies have a Betty for a first impression and don't realize how much badwill they create. The face of your company better not be a Betty.


Rounding out the cast of main characters is a bumbling Maintenance worker, CLAUDE KENT. Claude is tall and gangly; at least three bricks shy of a full load. In reality, Claude would be dead or in the hospital after each cartoon.

In addition to the main characters, there's a steady stream of co-workers, job applicants, vendors and others who pass through the office. If I have a business cartoon idea that isn't perfectly suited for one of my main characters, I make up a new character then have him/her interact with one of the main characters.

DISCLAIMER: The characters in PaperCuts are fictional. Any resemblance to real people is purely coincidental... although very likely. My business cartoons come out of real life experiences in the business world. I always have a DictaPhone ready because I never knew when the next cartoon might play out in front of me.

I lost track of all the incompetent managers and disengaged workers I've worked with, which does not include any of the people with whom I presently work; they're all professionals, and they don't give me any business cartoon material.