About the Creator

On my second grade report card my teacher wrote: "Steven often uses smarty talk in class to gain the attention of his classmates." I haven't changed; I just found a new audience.

I'm a seasoned (that's a polite word for someone who has logged many years) business leader, business writer, screenwriter, wine aficionado, innovator and basketball coach:

  • Business Leader: I graduated from Oregon State University in 1977 with a B.S. degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Management and a minor in Psychology. People who know me claim that I got a degree in B.S. (i.e., bull$&@!). From 1983-2016, I worked in the health club industry; I was one of the nation's most respected experts in the field according to me. I've been a COO and a CEO... never an SOB. Club Business International wrote, "Steve Saxton is a model manager... He exemplifies the new style of business-savvy management, combining old-fashioned management savvy with modern business expertise."
  • Business Writer: In addition to writing several published magazine articles, I'm the co-author (along with best-selling business book author Jeannette Scollard) of an upcoming business management book entitled COED LEADERSHIP: He Says/She Says. If you're a woman or know one, you should check out Jeannette's books. She's an amazing person and her books have sold millions of copies. I'm going to ride her coattails until she kicks me off.
  • Comedy Writer: In addition to creating PaperCuts, I've written 11 feature film screenplays, 2 movie treatments, 12 TV sitcom scripts, and a sketch that aired on "Saturday Night Live." I studied with legendary screenwriting guru Syd Field for four years. Syd wrote eight best-selling screenwriting books, and he traveled the world teaching seminars and workshops on the art and craft of screenwriting. Syd schooled many of Hollywood's best screenwriters. I'm not on that list.
  • Wine Aficionado: I'm the Founder/President of Bravura Cellars in Newberg, Oregon. We produce hot climate, small-batch, hand-crafted, full-bodied and robust, distinctive, ultra-premium red wines in California and Washington that we only sell in our tasting room in Oregon. Prior to that, I was Founder/President of the Wine Tasting Institute.
  • Innovator: I created two Group Exercise classes that have been copied or imitated worldwide. Bikaraoke is a combination of group cycling and karaoke that's in health/fitness clubs around the world in many languages. Striptease is a racier alternative to traditional dance fitness classes. It works in any language.
  • Basketball Architect/Head Coach: The Saxton Smart Speed Synergy System (S5) is an innovative style of Division I men's college basketball that few coaches want to coach, few players want to play, and no one wants to coach or play against. That's what makes it so extraordinary and why so many people want to watch. The S5 is the best solution to the biggest challenges of every NCAA Division I men's basketball program: win games; mentor and graduate all its student-athletes; entertain fans and TV viewers; and be financially self-sustaining. The S5 will score 100-150 points per game and be the team that no other team will want to play against.