About PaperCuts

PaperCuts is about typical employees in an average office as they face common work situations... just exaggerated. One businessperson described PaperCuts as "like Dilbert... only funny."

Every office is funny. If you don't think yours is a) you aren't paying attention, b) you don't have a sense of humor or c) you sign the paychecks.

Many years ago, my secretary told me that our employees thought I was impersonal. Sitting in my executive chair behind my large desk in my private office a long way from employees and customers I replied, "Me? Impersonal? Send a memo denying that!"

Another time, she walked into my office while I was putting golf balls and she said, "If efficiency is so important, why do I have to answer the phone when most of the calls are for you?"

If you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at? The answer is others. So I decided to do both. And, being the anal person I am, I started a file of business humor. When the file got big enough, I decided to do something with it.

I can find humor in just about any situation. When I delivered my dad's eulogy, some people in the packed church told me it was more like a roast. So, years later, when I delivered my mom's eulogy, I used the opportunity as an encore performance. After all, it was a limited engagement.

I told the audience... I mean "mourners" about an old man who had Super Bowl tickets on the 50-yard line. As he sat down, an usher came by and asked if anyone was sitting in the empty seat next to him. The old man said, "No, the seat is empty. I was supposed to come with my wife, but she passed away. This is the first Super Bowl in 30 years that we haven't been to together." The usher said, "I'm sorry to hear that, but couldn't you find anyone to take the seat, not even a friend or a relative?" The old man shook his head and said, "No, they're all at the funeral."

When I was a young businessperson, I was a know-it-all. The longer I've worked, the more I've realized that I didn't know jack back then; you don't know what you don't know. Now, decades later, I still don't know jack, but I've surrounded myself with people who do.

I've worked for successful companies and unsuccessful companies and there's a lot more humor to mine at an unsuccessful company. At one unintentionally non-profit company, the mean-spirited Chairman of the Board accused me of "polishing the brass on the Titanic." I thought that was a great line. My dad taught me that, if they're throwing you out of town, get out front and make it look like a parade.

I know many people who hate their job and/or their boss. They'll have a bad day at work then complain to others about their bad day at work. They must get some sadistic pleasure out of staying in a bad situation. Those are the people who give me the best cartoon ideas. If you're one of those people, you're in my target audience.

I've had my own share of unrewarding jobs working for selfish bosses where my only job satisfaction was going home at the end of the day with a few cartoon ideas. So, to all of you former unethical bosses, incompetent managers and lazy employees, I owe you a debt of gratitude. Without you, there'd be no PaperCuts.

On the other hand, if you don't derive some satisfaction from your work, find other work! I love what I do for a living. I love the company where I work. I enjoy (and learn from) my co-workers daily. I don't loath Monday mornings, and I don't celebrate Fridays. I work every day, and I love to work. I can't imagine staying in a bad work situation.  Find fulfilling work!

With PaperCuts, I tried to create something original that has strong business humor; pithy dialogue; believable characterization; engaging artwork; and business relevance. Also, a distinguishing characteristic about PaperCuts is the cast of recurring characters. Hopefully, you'll get to know them... laugh with them... laugh at them. They're likeable, sympathetic and they have plenty of foibles... just like you and me.

Email these business cartoons to co-workers and friends; use them in your company newsletter and in presentations; recommend the website to others; print them; and post them around the office AFTER YOU PAY ME FOR THE RIGHTS!  Please ask my permission and I'll tell you where to send your check.  They're only $25 per cartoon per use.

Laugh at yourself... laugh at others... I'm fine either way.  I'm taking care of business one cartoon at a time. With 500+ cartoons on my website, you're sure to find one you like... or not.  I guarantee it.